What people say

Here's what some of our patients are saying about their experience at Mandala Center for Health & Wellness.

"The only acupuncture experience that I had experienced before Dallas was in conjunction with physiotherapy. Since beginning my treatments with Dallas in June 2013, I have presented her with several sports related injuries as well as general health concerns. Over the course of ongoing treatments I have noticed reduced pain and marked improvement to the injured areas. Dallas is always professional and explains any new or different procedure she applies. I am very happy to have discovered her and will continue to utilize her services for continued improvement of my health and well being". 

Joanne, Port Alberni BC

"I began acupuncture treatments with Dallas over 6 months ago. I have been dealing with asthma throughout the course of my life, and as it had started to get worse I decided to seek treatment options beyond the western medical system. My experience working with Dallas has been nothing but positive, and is by far the most helpful thing I have done for my asthma. After only a few treatments, I began to breathe more freely, and my asthma attacks stopped occurring altogether. With the relief of my symptoms also came decreased anxiety, and a sense of well being i had not experienced for quite sometime. I tried a few acupuncturists before Dallas, but once I began working with her I was happy not seeing anyone else. She is very knowledgeable, down to earth, and extremely easy to talk to. Her caring and relaxed nature make the treatments something I look forward to. The great progress we have made further demonstrates what a great acupuncturist she is. My asthma has greatly improved over the last few months, and I use my inhaler less than I did before. I will definitely continue treatment with Dallas, as I’m positive that my symptoms will only continue to improve." 

Tasia, Victoria BC

"I had insomnia for over 20 years . When I was treated by Dallas with acupuncture I was instantly sleeping better. It was a gift for someone like me who depended on sleeping pills. With regular treatment I am happy to say that I did not take a pill for over 8 month. Dallas is very caring and has helped me with other health issues. Her love and passion for her work is great. I highly recommend her". 

Regina, Sooke BC

"You (Cara) have magic fingers! I know you are going to continue to do well, you are so fantastic and have blessed healing hands, seriously, the best massage I ever had was by you. Thanks." 

Stephanie T

"I will always be grateful for your delicate care of my Mom when she was really in ”crisis mode” 

Lisa M.

"An amazing massage today—thank you. My back is feeling much better". 

Rick M.

"I have been getting therapeutic massages for many years.  I work in the profession as a massage practitioner myself.  Out of the hundreds of massages I have received, Cara by far is the best. She is able to get in deep and slow to specifically address my issues.  Some therapists are not sensitive and cause discomfort and some gloss over the issues but Cara uses perfect intuition to correctly read my issues and respond accordingly." 

Maggie K.

"For the first time since last fall, I woke up this morning because I had slept long enough, not because my hips were in raging pain".Leigh H.

"With many thanks to you for the comforting spirit of care and concern that you (Cara) gave to help me on the road to feeling better. You are truly gifted in the calling that you have chosen and when combined with the talents of Jill, the two of you become the ultimate in a wellness team. It is the first time that I have felt relief that brought me to tears and the urge to hug the practitioner (I hope you didn’t mind)!  I am grateful that I was able to find the path to the door of Mandala and to the hands and mind of you. You made a tremendous difference already to my world that was feeling very uncertain". 

Caroline K.

"I’d like to thank you for all that you have done for me. Both my physical and mental health have improved from your treatments. You have consistently provided top quality health care in a healing environment. You show genuine caring about my health and well-being and my health has improved immensely due to your care. I cannot thank you enough for the healing that you have provided."  

Sarah W

"We spent over two years trying to get pregnant before we finally met Lori. We tried going to the Western fertility doctor and were told that we could not get pregnant unless we did intro uterine fertilization, but most likely would have to do invitro-fertilization. This would cost $10,000 and would not be guaranteed. After some difficulties with the fertility pills and unsure of the costs we tried the Eastern approach. Right away we both felt extremely comfortable and at ease with Lori. After only one month she was able to regulate Krista’s very irregular periods. She worked on both of our fertility issues with Chinese herbs and Acupuncture.Only two months after meeting Lori we were pregnant! We feel that with the relaxing atmosphere that Lori provided and her expertise we were able to have our dream fulfilled! She is so easy to talk to and confide in that she makes each appointment enjoyable for both of us. Krista continued to see Lori throughout the pregnancy. She helped so much with symptoms such as nausea and tiredness, as well as pain during labour. We are now pregnant with our second child! Krista continues to see Lori for symptom relief during pregnancy. Thank you Lori! We continue to recommend Lori to everyone who could benefit".  

Krista and Bryce P

"When I first went to see Lori, I was a little apprehensive about Acupuncture. I really didn’t know anything about it, but I was at the end of my rope. I could no longer ignore the constant headaches that never seemed to go away. Lori has been able to help me with my headaches, and I do not get them nearly as often anymore. When I do, they are not as strong and do not last as long. Lori is very professional and personable. I recommend her to all my friends!" 

Kerri W